Back at WordPress

After many years of having my own web space and domain name, I’ve come back to WordPress for the free stuff.  Economies must be made, and web hosting and domain registrations are just luxuries that can be done without.  Unfortunately, in the transition I lost a couple (five actually) years of posts, but such is life.  Here’s the latest for you late comers…

I have six grandchildren now – Christian, Brooklyn, Amy, Riley, Charlotte, Callie, and Harley.  Five girls and one boy.  They’re all adorable and brilliant, naturally.  They’re also spread from sea to shining sea – literally.  We have Florida and California and a couple places in between.

Knitting is happening, just not as fast.  Currently on the needles are three pairs of socks and an aran coat for my beloved Cheryl.  Pictures not available as yet.

That’s it for now.  Short and sweet.  Just wanted to reactivate this blog and be ready for further greatness.  Later!


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