Fun Work

Just as I was considering a job change, a job comes up that I could do without leaving Athletics! Ravelry is looking for a community support person to help people navigate the site, answer questions, connect important people and things, and other really fun stuff that revolves around one of my three favorite things – Knitting! It would be so cool to do this. I would be working at home, on the computer, where I am already most of the time. A job match made in heaven. It would be so cool!

Well, with that segue, on to knitting topics. I have the most wonderful Malabrigo in the Butter colorway that I’m working into Claire’s Shawl. That’s the River Knits mystery knit from last year. I was in the online class. It’s going to be beautiful!


What else is there to say?


WEBS Giveaway and Yarn Envy

Have you seen the Classic Elite Verde Collection Allegoro?  It is organic cotton and linen, and claims to be machine washable.  I’m hoping to get some soon and make a summer top from it.  It looks beautiful and appears to be soft.  WEBS is also having a giveaway along with  Knit Purl Gurl consisting of a gorgeous Lantern Moon bag, lots of fiber, and a bunch of other goodies.


Doesn’t it look absolutely lovely??  I SO want it.  Really, I NEED it!  You can enter, too, at…but that would decrease my chances of winning…but…well…you decide! 🙂

Forget the car…I’m just going to keep knitting…

Well, in a frenzy of figuring out how to fix the car (the solution to which has, to date, eluded me – but I’m ever hopeful), I decided to knit more stuff.  So, I took some red and black Soy Wool Stripes and made this:


Yet another Calorimetry.  This one has been modified to fit my very petite daughter’s head.  I cast on 88 stitches, then followed the pattern.  I adjusted the number of rows accordingly, and it fits her perfectly!  It doesn’t have much of a stripe, but it only took a half skein of yarn. 

We had a wonderful Shabbat this week.  We were invited to come to the home of some homeschool friends, and found that more homeschool friends were also Jewish!  Who knew?  We all belong to a secular homeschool group – Lafayette Secular Homeschoolers – and religion isn’t really brought up a lot.  Even more, we met a wonderful couple who are retired professors from Purdue, who know even more Jewish homeschoolers.  Not to be left with only a couple of good things last Friday, but we were very warmly encouraged to come visit their synagogue – a place we have not been in almost four years.  I feel more welcomed than I have for a long time.

Maybe things are turning around a bit…

Very little blogging going on here…

But lots of other stuff happening.  First, I finished my last class, and have my Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology.  A long, long road, but I’ve reached my destination at last!  On to the next challenge, once I figure that out.

Other news – my daughter Katie and her family moved back to Indiana!  My beautiful grandchildren are now a mere five blocks away!  I feel more like a family.  The kiddies are in public school (haven’t been able to convert her to the true path of home/unschooling), but there’s always hope.

Micah is working (if you can call it that) hard and long at mastering WoW.  He does other stuff, too, according to him.  I know he showers somewhat regularly – wet towels occassionally show up on the bathroom floor.  He had his 14th birthday, and since we thought he might have Mono, he didn’t get his party.  That was one unhappy young man.  But he maintained admirably, and got through it all.

Surrounded by smoke for 14 birthday candles!

Surrounded by the smoke from 14 birthday candles!

The weather is awful – snow, sleet, freezing rain, more sleet, a little ice, a little more ice…  We weren’t prepared for this so early.

Our snowy house

Our snowy house

Most of that snow is covered by ice now, and as I type the sleet has changed to freezing rain, which will turn to rain, which will make oh-so-not-attractive mud instead of pristine snow…oh well…such is life in Indiana! I was not ready to suffer the dogs looks of accusation when I send them outside yet.  That usually doesn’t happen until January.  The cold is beginning to get to them, even.  Lucky has been forced to find what little sun shines into the livingroom for basking.


Lucky, basking in a little sunshine.

He was dozing in that picture.  Spike was laying on Jeff’s lap, but I didn’t get a pic of that.

Knitting is slow.  Working on a pair of socks for my dear friend Tina in the color she loves.  They’re a different pattern than I’ve done before, a sort of even/odd checkerboard pattern that is interesting to knit but will still be warm.  Jeff’s sweater is almost done – just a few more rows around the neck.  I’m hoping to have that done this week – perhaps by Thursday?  It would be wonderful if I could present it to him on Friday when we’ll have lots of family for a sixth night of Chanukah evening.

We’re now into the third night of Chanukah, and going to the grandparents’ for Christmas eve tomorrow, so he’ll get more than enough stuff to pack into his room.  Mostly he wants money to pay for his World of Warcraft habit subscription.  So, if there are any friends and/or relatives out there who haven’t gifted him for Chanukah, birthday, Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, or whatever winter holiday of choice said friends and/or relatives celebrate – click here and get him a gift fix subscription:  I promise he’ll send a heartfelt thank you note…or else…


Ashley, Jason, and Micah - Chanukah 2007

This picture is from last year, when Jason and Ashley came over.  This year it will be Jason and Ashley (now Mr. and Mrs.), Katie, Paul, Brooklyn, and Christian; Jeff and me and Micah, and Mom and Dad and Sam…quite the crowd!  Maybe we can even get Scott and Meghan to come over!

Finally, a little art to brighten the dark days of December…


It's been awhile…

…and yet I have not much to say. Knitting is slow, the shoulder is giving me problems. But my plain brown socks are in the toe phase.



 This picture doesn’t really do them justice.  It’s a nice warm, nutty, tweedy brown from Knitpicks.  Knitpicks Essential Tweed, to be specific.  In Russet – which on the website looks more burgundy, but is really a brown with a reddish touch to it.  My friend Cheryl will know exactly what I mean.  Apparently there is some thing that some women have in the cones (I think it’s cones) of their eyes that allow them to see many more shades of color than other people.  She and I share that ability.  It makes picking an orange color MURDER!  And browns.  And greens.  Really anything that has a red color in it.  It’s annoying sometimes.

On the political front, I’m rather disappointed that Barack didn’t choose Hilary.  Realistically, he couldn’t have chosen her and won, but still…it would have been historic.  I’m still voting for him, even though he didn’t choose the running mate I wanted him to choose.

One last topic left – Micah and I are going to do the Hunger Hike on September 21 that benefits Lafayette Urban Ministry, Food Finders, and a couple other charities in the Greater Lafayette area.  You can sponsor us (please do!) through the link I put on the blog, or by clicking on this:  Sponsor Us!   Yes, I’m making the man child walk THE ENTIRE WAY!  C’mon!  It’s only a couple of miles!  I’d better get him into training now…

Beautiful Weather and Pretty Knitting

I have set what must be my best time ever for a knitting project. I made a cap for a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer in just 24 hours. It’s beautiful, and I hope she likes it. It’s called the Lace-Edged Women’s Hat, from Head Huggers. I used not quite a skein of Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino DK in a buttery yellow color (Yellow 12, I believe, originally purchased from River Knits in Lafayette, IN).  When I took pictures, there were some cheery daffodils waiting to be included in the photo session!


Here’s a better picture of the hat:


I’m quite pleased. I’ll give it to her next week, so if anyone reading this knows of whom I speak – say nothing! I want her to be surprised.

As you can see from the pictures, spring has truly sprung – for real! There’s no going back now. Here’s the cap sunning on the deck while taking in the view of the back yard:


Then it was on to the front yard so as to enjoy some rays while reclining in the magnolia:


Then the hat kindly allowed the Gnome to try it on:


Stunning…. 🙂